Bill Goldstein


Who Am I?  

Timing is everything, right? Well, I had the immense good fortune to draw my first breath in 1946, thus becoming a member of the eldest Boomer class (along with Messrs. Trump, Bush 43, and Clinton, all of us born the summer of ’46, me and Bush nine minutes apart …I’m older.)

’46ers were serendipitously strapped into the front row seats atop the most kaleidoscopic wave of influences to hit any generation in the last 75 years.  This cultural tsunami arrived out of nowhere.  Unannounced, it rolled over everyone, most of us enthusiastically so (ex-presidents excepted), gorging ourselves on the vast, captivating counter culture smorgasbord which sprang up before our eyes.  Living in Berserk-ley -- as we lovingly called it -- practicing law (sort of), and living large on just 14k a year, I was in hippie heaven and like a lot of others, shamelessly over-indulged, though as Warren Beatty’s character in Shampoo confesses:

          “Nobody’s gonna tell me I didn’t have a good time.”  

But after a few years, I may have begun to wear out my welcome.  And besides, by then, the idea of making a living in the world of sports had burrowed deep into my life’s agenda. 

So, I left groovy, loony Berkeley and turned to the hard scrabble canyons of Manhattan to, as the old children’s song “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” announces, “To see what I could see.”

And what I saw led to an exhilarating 35+ year career in the sports business, first at Madison Square Garden, then the NBA, and early on to co-founding one of the industry’s first sports marketing companies, Sports Etcetera, which would come to promote more than 1000 events worldwide over the ensuing decades. 


Why Am I Doing This?

All the while, people who “got” me, were pushing me to take a crack -- personally -- at “show biz,” telling me to should stop hiring the talent and become the talent.

Flattering to hear, but I had thriving, fat-cat, corporate-based business.  As it was, despite the cover of my legal credentials, I had a hard-enough time not regularly running afoul of Boardroom sensibilities … always reining myself in, always careful not to be too provocative, often operating at half throttle.  So stepping out as a public personality would have been nuts.  I felt the itch. I just never scratched it.

But now, in the midst of “flunking retirement,” as my wife lovingly chides, it’s a whole new ballgame. If I make a donkey of myself these days — apart from my family never talking to me again — it’s no big deal.  And so, we’re giving it our best shot, generating all sorts of stuff for you to dive into.  Blogs, vlogs, books, podcasts, speeches. 

Some say content is still king.  Others say that the platform has become king, and that content is now the kingmaker.  Either way, with an ocean of original content, flowing from the zillion uncommon experiences I’ve collected during my high wire career, I’m in good shape.  To paraphrase the Farmers Insurance tagline, “I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two.”


Why Should You Care? 

First, because you’ll enjoy it. It’ll feel like we’re hanging out together over drinks on the back deck. You’ll laugh, while listening to my quirky, edgy view of life, that’ll getting your wheels spinning. What will I be talking about? Anything. Everything. Things you have wondered about. Things you never in a million years would have thought about, but now will wonder why you haven’t. If sometimes you take life too seriously, my Seinfeld-like content, in micro-dose format, will light you up. I promise.